meet paint a perfect picture 

Meet Julian and Lacey. They are an extremely outgoing couple seeking to capture love when and where it happens. After having their beautiful baby girl in 2018 they realized how important and essential photography and videography really is. In 2019 they ventured off into the business having been driven by this passion for the craft. They have dedicated Paint a Perfect Picture to be a family oriented, and intimate experience for everyone they encounter. They call themselves the "Treasured Moment Specialists".


If I could tell you one thing about myself, it would be that I treat every moment as if it is sacred and should be treasured forever. I believe to truly engage with someone is to share the moment together. When cell phones evolved with cameras I believe everyone was considered a photographer and videographer. People would record and capture wherever and however at their choosing. No matter the quality those moments were absolutely priceless. Before I could afford high quality equipment I was that kid with a low budget Android phone, and I was known by my family and friends for capturing memorable moments. The way I see photography is that every moment is absolutely perfect, so capture everything! It's so simple right? 


My journey in photography and videography has been the most rewarding, and by far the easiest choice I could've made. Everyone has a purpose, and photos/films we always remind you of that. Now having a family of my own, I understand how to really live in the moment. To enjoy eachothers company with laughter, good conversation, and experiencing new things together. Those moments will eventually turn into a beautiful memory that will last forever. With photography and videography I get to capture those moments and save the memory with a photo or film. I feel invigorated every time I'm behind the camera, I know the photos and videos captured will be looked back on, cherished, and treasured.

                         - Julian


Life's greatest experiences can be stored in the heart, but a photo will remind you of that moment later in life. I've always been a sucker for a good love story, and what better way then telling your own love story through a photo or a video film? I personally love hearing people's stories of how they met, their challenges, accomplishments, and goals. I want to capture the true essence of YOU and catch you in your natural element. I genuinely enjoy shooting engagements, and weddings, because it signifies an important time in life. It's moving onto to the next level of life that brings you closer to intimacy and love with those around you. I can honestly say this is the best job on earth! I love natural smiles and laughter, and we try our best to bring that out in everyone. I love pictures, and I love that one day the photos that we take for couples will be held as a treasured possession for their families, and future grandchildren. 

                                - Lacey